Enough for groupon

At first groupon launched in Malaysia, I was really so excited about this deal, everything sold here looks really cheap, that I can’t stand to buy stuffs from here.

And then I gave a try and ordered one necklace with swarovski crystal (they claimed) and 18 carrat gold. I was really excited waiting till my order came. And then when it comes, it doesn’t really look what I imagine. The finishing was bad and it looks like a cheap necklace from petaling street.

After that, I tried another one, ordered some baking stuff from groupon. In the picture, the product looks like it’s some expensive product, but after my purchase arrived, I really disappointed. The tools looks too shity with that kind of price.

And ten another time I tried to use groupon for purchasing service, it says that is 15points check plus tyre balancing, and it costs RM25. After I purchased then I went to the workshop to get car checked. And then when I went to the workshop, they just see the engine how it looks like, and seems no tools used for checking the engine. Even they asked me to change my tyre, eventough my tyre not really overused, and then they asked me to top up the aircon gas, while it still working fine. This made me totally dissapointed.

Last, I gave another try, I purchased shoe rack from groupon, it says 5 tier shoe rack. Maybe this one is my fault, I didn’t check the details. And then when I fetch the rack, again, not really looks like what I’m hoping for. The rack is so small and the measurement quite weird plus the material is looks cheap.

I know some of it is my fault, but I think they put the original price too exagerated! It’s so silly when you know the discounted price is actually the original price in the market.

I don’t blame anyone for making this deal, but at least please groupon company should be aware of this. They should filter which product able to enter to their listings, or say goodbye to the customer! In business you can’t only make profit, but also you should consider customer’s experience so your business will last longer.

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