FIFA 14 new features

Yesterday I read some articles about the new FIFA game that will be released in the end of this year.

Since FIFA 12 was launched in 2011 back then, I betrayed from Pro Evolution Soccer / Winning Eleven (I used to be PES fanboy since ever) to give a try for FIFA12, and now I really can’t get off this game.

For me, FIFA gameplay is much more realistic than PES, that’s the reason why I choose this game.

Well, enough talk about me, now let’s talk about what will FIFA14 be, since you know, in FIFA13, EA did so many improvement in the gameplay, the one that really changed is the One Touch play, because of this gameplay, this game is most likely become a football simulator, and that’s make it perfect.

Yesterday EA revealed some improvement in the next FIFA14, most of the improvement is about the gameplay and a lot of physics will be given to the game, which is make this game super great.

Nick Channon as the FIFA14 producer revealed top 5 new features in FIFA 13 you can watch the video here:

EA promises the dribbling in FIFA 14 will be much improved, and build up play will be improved as well, so the build up play will be much more smoother than ever.

Now about shooting, shooting is one of the most important in all football games, in FIFA14, they will improved the shooting gameplay with new features so that the players will adjust their feet before they shoot the ball (another more realistic event).

The biggest overhaul to shooting is probably the ball physics themselves. EA Vancouver has decided to adopt a “non-linear drag coefficient which more accurately imitates the flight of a ball than the extant linear deceleration algorithm”. Got that? Yeah, me neither, but what that actually means is that balls now fly through the air with greater realism. It allows for a variety of new shot types (you can see some of them in action in the video above). There’s nothing predictable nor plodding about the ball’s trajectory – it’ll dip and fizz with all the erratic energy of a modern ball. These physics are specific to shooting either – you’ll notice the effects in long-ball crosses and so on.

Well that’s the review of the upcoming FIFA14, but on top of that new feature, the most important thing to improve in FIFA game is the EA Server itself to play the online games, many players complaining about how lousy EA Server is, a lot of disconnection happens and high ping rate is the infamous problem in EA Server.

I hope EA heard our voice and improve their server, and maybe for the gamer who stays in Asia, they should build a new server in here, as we always get a high ping as the server is far from asia (as you know, even I’m using my broad band which has 10mbps speed, still can only get 300ms and above for the ping, and this is really bad as this will result the button press will be delayed and yeah, it’s not good at all)

Well, that’s it for my review, I hope you like it, and if you also play FIFA13, don’t hesitate to add my origin id below, and maybe we could have play some friendly games.

My origin ID: hendraptr


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