Happy new year 2013

I spent this new year’s eve in Genting Highlands. Actually last year I also went there to celebrate new year, but it was really disappointing since there was no fireworks due to bad weather.

So this year I gave another try and went to genting with not really hoping for a fireworks show, since several days before new year, Malaysia is always covered with heavy rain.

When my blacky (my proton savvy car) climbed the hills, there wasn’t too much traffic there, and yes it was quite foggy. But when we arrived at the top, it was already drizzling, and I really hope that it will blew away the fog.

At the time we reach at the top, it was still like 9pm, so me and my girlfriend decided to have dinner first in shanghai restaurant in front of the stage of the indoor theme park.

The food was not bad, but as we are afar from the town, of course the meal there is quite overpriced.

And then after we eat, we went to Ripley’s Museum (which I will cover it in another post) and then about 11.30 we went out of the museum, and heading directly to outdoor theme park. And it’s more like a human sardines over there.

It was still drizzling at that time, but it wasn’t too heavy, so there was still chance for the fireworks show to be on.

And yes, after we wait about 15 minutes, the stage crew made a countdown, and… We are still under the roof of the walkway and we can’t really see the sky, LOL.

And the first firework blew up, we just can take a peek put of the roof, and saw a part of the firework show, and another part is the roof and “flying coaster”. Such a bad view.


And then I take a look at my side, and saw a rail for “old car alike” train, and at that time it was no longer operated. And after I saw there’s a lot of people went on that rail, so we decided to jump in to the rail as well, and hell yeah, better view than before.





The fireworks show was really beautiful, and the reason why it’s different from the other place is, it was really close to us (I think because it’s already in the top peak) or maybe just my mind made it up ahahahah.

And the show closed with a massive number of fireworks at the very same time! That was the most firework I’ve ever seen that blew up at the same time.




After the shows ended, it’s even worst as the crowd wanna use the escalator at the same time, and causing massive human traffic jam! It was like I’m watching some concert.

And then after that we just went directly to our parking spot and heading home, as my girlifriend will go back to Qatar in the following day. And we got stuck at the traffic jam around 1 hour. But overall it was a good place to spend a new year in genting highlands afterall.

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