Skype vs Microsoft IIS on port 80

This morning I got some weird problem with my IIS, I’m running IIS7.0 in windows 7 professional. My website in the IIS won’t start and whenever I started it, it gave me an error box, saying “the process can’t access the file because it used by another process”.

And then I did some research on google, and most of everyone putting a blame on skype. Well, as you know, Windows Live user will be totally migrated to skype, so I should install skype instead, to communicate with my colleague, and of course I put it in the start up apps.

But the problem comes out when you restart your computer, skype will get the port 80 and 443 for their incoming connections. That’s the reason my server on IIS won’t start, since skype is already have that port.

To simply overcome this problem, just quit skype, and then start your server, and then start the skype again. But since you don’t want to do this every single time you restart your pc, then you should change the settings in the skype instead, so it won’t use port 80 anymore.

just go to Tools and select Options, and then go to Connection section in Advanced tab, and uncheck the radio button that saying “Use port 80 and 443….”

And then you just need to restart your skype, and that’s it, it won’t bother your port 80 anymore.

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