The street cafe (Korean street food) @ Sunway Pyramid

Well, here comes my very first food review, it comes from Korean Street in Sunway Pyramid.

This small restaurant located in Sunway Pyramid Mall, Sunway. After you get in to the mall, you should go to Asian Avenue, it’s kinda stereotype btw :)), and then you will find this restaurant near George Peck’s stall and Takoyaki stall.

If you go to this restaurant, you should try their bulgogi beef, it’s a korean style stir-fried beef, and covered with some korean sauce, and then mixed with rice and some vegies such as spinach, and cooked inside a stone hot plate, yeah it’s marvelous!


This restaurant also offer free flow korean tea, and for a kinda cheap people like me, I would rather buy 1 glass to shared with my GF. :)) and you know, that’s not only me who does that, but almost every table shared their Korean Tea Glasses.

For the price, this restaurant is not too pricy, I only spent less than RM50 for me and my GF, so I considered this restaurant is recommended for you when you’re going to Sunway.

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