Mochi Sweets Kuala Lumpur

Now it’s time for me to try one of the famous sweet from Japan, not because I’m working in a Japanese company, but just because I wanna try the snack.

Yup, it’s Mochi! After doing some research, then I found that there’s a good mochi seller in KL, named “Mochi Sweets”

There’s 3 Mochi Sweets around KL, one in Pavillion, one in The Gardens Midvalley, and the other one is in Sunway Pyramid.

I decided to go to the one in Sunway Pyramid.

Each of the Mochi costs around RM3.50-RM4.50, but if you buy it in a dozen, it costs RM40.


There’s also a half-dozen box, which costs RM21




But if you want to choose the Mochi’s taste instead of buying the pre-package one, you should pay the Mochi’s price times the amount of mochi you bought.


And if you’re planning to bring this Mochi to your hometown, and in a long journey, you might need a chiller bag to keep your Mochi frozen.

And fortunately, they also sell the chiller bag for only RM5, so we don’t need to go to another place lookin for a chiller bag.


My favourite Mochi in here is Choco, it’s a chocolate flavour and it’s covered with chocolate powder.

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