Trying Visual Studio for Mac



Visual Studio is the most powerful IDE so far. It’s easy to use, and it has a great productivity compare to the other IDE.

Now since Visual Studio is released for Mac OS, I would like to take a sneak peek at the Mac OS version of Visual Studio. This is one of the moment that I’ve been waiting for in my life, to see Visual Studio running on my MacBook.

Just because of my personal opinion, I don’t really like to install windows on my Mac, because… it’s a MAC! hahahaha

Okay straight to the point, so I downloaded the Visual studio installer in here and then I installed all the possible install options to my MacBook.

install done

So, this is the home page of Visual studio for Mac

VS Home page

If we click New Project, we can create various application in a different platforms.

New Project

So, in this blog, I’m interested in making a Console project in C# code.

Console Project

And of course, the infamous Hello World! for the project name

Hello World

And then we’ll be routed to the source code editor page, which the pre built code, which most of you already familiar.

Source Code

And by using the same shortcut as the Windows version, we just need to press F5 to compile and run the code. Visual Studio will then run the application in Command prompt… upsss, I mean Terminal


NuGet is also here!


And that’s it!

By the time I’m making this entry, Visual Studio for Mac is still in Preview, so there might still a lot of improvements needed, but so far in my first glance, it works just fine. The look and feel also similar to VS 2015 in Windows Version. And 1 important thing is, they streamline the shortcut key even in the Mac version. This is really a good user experience, especially to people who hates mouse and loves their keyboard so much, like me.

Overall, I’ll give 4 thumbs up to Microsoft who (finally) create Visual Studio for Mac.

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