Yeayyy it’s a new server

Today, finally my webhosting is being upgraded into the new server, and everything here is way more better than the old server. For the parallels Plesk Panel, it’s already using version 11, which the old one is still using version 9 and yeah, it was so booooring.

But the reason why I upgraded into the new server, is because I wan’t my web applications running on .NET Framework 4.0 , which the old server is only supporting until .NET 2.0

So, after I call my webhosting customer service, they asked me to send an email to the support team and make a ticket, and I really satisfied with their professional customer service and really helpful and fast. The time taken from request till my new server is up is only 2 hours, and I am really happy for it.

That’s it for the talks of my new server, now it’s time to do some fun stuff.


Aza-aza Fighting!

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